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Laser Arena

Neon-Colored Laser Battles

Lead your team to victory with laser tag from Karts Indoor Raceway in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. We also offer our unique laser maze, which pits your group against another in a race against time.

The World

Lazer Warz

Check out our new laser tag arena, built to create the ultimate fun experience. Our guns do not require you going back to base, as everything is kept score through them. The battles can go up to 12 on 12. You can access your target by pulling halfway to aim ahead of time, with rapid fire possible. Get lost in our 3,000 sq. ft. space age arena with different game titles, which include:

Free for All • Empire • Game Play • Team Capture.


The Launch

Can you save the world? With our newest attraction, you have to get to the other side by avoiding the laser beams. Scan your hand into the wall and type in a number. The laser beams change direction, forcing you to find a new way to get out. You will be given three minutes to finish the game or else the missile field activates and you lose. We are the only place with green and red laser beams. You can watch your opponent or friend from the big screen outside.


Prices and Combo Packages

Experience intense laser battles with your friends by contacting us today. Our rates are as follows:

  • One Game of Lazer Warz—$13.00
  • Five Games of Lazer Warz—$55.00
  • Ten Games of Lazer Warz—$100.00
  • One Game of The Launch Lazer Maze—$5.00
  • 5 Games of the Launch Combo—$20.00